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we would have thus obtained a very significant distribution, given that at the beginning of March there were hardly any children left to be vaccinated. ". The physician Francisco Requena, a member of the said Council, was the first to have the idea of ​​propagating the vaccine in America by means of an expedition, and on March 22, explained the advantages and the benefits "which the inoculation of the vaccine would produce overseas. vaccinated”. In Puerto Rico, unlike the Canary Islands, vaccination was no longer a novelty, since the Catalan doctor Francisco Oller y Ferrer, in view of the high number of smallpox cases on the island, had already introduced it there after having requested vaccine lymph in the neighboring island of St. Thomas, which then belonged to the Danish crown. Indeed, Oller had practiced vaccinations in the city of San Juan since the end of November 1803, and assiduously from mid-December, that is to say, while Balmis was at sea, and had managed a high number of vaccinations, around 5,000 in a single month.

Things weren't looking any better and defeats to Bolton Wanderers and Leeds United were eclipsed by a derby loss to Manchester City in November which closed the gap to 4 points between them and leaders Liverpool. He would, however, play a leading role when it was decided in La Guaira, in present-day Venezuela, to split the expedition into two sub-expeditions to be able to better face the serious and constant epidemics which ravaged South America. South. Taking advantage of the departure for America of the newly appointed viceroy, Antonio José Amar y Borbón, the medical authorities dispatched the doctor Lorenzo Vergés to New Granada, with the mission of going directly to the city of Santa Fe (today Bogotá) and, once arrived in the capital of the territory, to send "three other teachers, one to New Spain, who will also stop in Havana, another in Peru and the third in Buenos Aires". The considerable costs of this procedure were initially covered by popular subscription and by the local authorities themselves (thus acting in such a way as to set an example), then, later on, recourse was had to alternative forms of financing. more institutionalized, through a common fund of public economic resources coming, according to a proportional distribution, from the whole of the archipelago.

He continued the prophylactic work despite the difficulties and deprivations, and arrived in the summer in the city of Cochabamba, present-day Bolivia, located at more than 2,500 meters above sea level, where his health deteriorated further and where he finally died. July 21, 1810, at the end of a journey of 5,000 leagues by land and 12,000 by sea. One of the children, in poor health, could not be vaccinated, as a result of which Balmis "fell into the greatest affliction, finding himself in sight of an unknown shore with only one child carrying a vaccine, the latter being ripe for use the same day". One of the outstanding traits of his character was his perfectionism and, no doubt, an excessive self-confidence, real betis jersey traits that led him to consider others as inferior in capacity and competence. The solution was found by Balmis himself: take a certain number of children and transmit, at regular intervals, the vaccine from one to the other, from arm to arm, by contact with the lesions. However, Balmis's desire not to have to share the direction of the expedition with anyone was recognized and satisfied by the monarch, thus excluding José Felipe Flores.

The María Pita, ship chartered by the expedition, departing from Corunna in 1803 (engraving by Francisco Perez). We have detailed information on the Galician corvette María Pita, 160 tons, chartered in La Coruna, arsenal jersey in the northwest of Spain. He quickly established himself as a starter in the defense of the Brazilian club. October 11, 2011 Esprit Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany Germany D 1 – 3 Euro 2012 Qualifying Club Atlético de Madrid Substitute. 33 October 16, 2012 King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels, Belgium Scotland V 2 – 0 2014 World Cup Qualifiers Chelsea FC Comes on in place of Mousa Dembélé in the 46th minute of play. Capped in the Spain squad from 2003 to 2014, he participated in Euro 2004 and then in the 2006 World Cup, before achieving with Roja a historic triple Euro 2008 – World Cup 2010 – Euro 2012, being also one of the seven players present on the ground during the three finals won consecutively. Deportivo Alavés coach José Manuel Esnal paid tribute to his players despite the defeat, saying that "Dortmund saw a great final", and specifying his team's status as a little thumb in the competition.

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